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Global organisations launch the first-ever coalition on sport’s role in STEM education

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Global organisations launch the first-ever coalition on sport’s role in STEM education

Beyond Sport, 49ers Foundation, Chevron and Verizon have created the Sport and STEM Alliance, which will incorporate sport in promoting STEM subjects.

The future of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education took a crucial step forward with the launch of the Sport and STEM Alliance during Beyond Innovation, a global gathering of leaders at Levi’s Stadium on Tuesday. The Sport and STEM Alliance is a coalition of like-minded, leading global organisations driving innovation in STEM education through sports.

The world needs a workforce of skilled STEM innovators to address not only the most pressing global challenges of the coming century: food shortages, exponential increases in non-communicable diseases, climate change, energy shortages, and more, but also for governments to drive their economic prosperity.

In the next decade, 80% of jobs will require STEM skills; responsible, leading, organisations know that their future workforce - and subsequent returns - will rely on the next generation being inspired to engage in STEM education from a young age. STEM jobs are growing at 1.7 times the rate of non-STEM jobs, and the U.S. is not producing enough candidates to fill them. Only 16% of high school seniors are interested in pursuing STEM careers, according to the Department of Education.

Sport has long been heralded as a powerful platform with which to engage society, and it has become increasingly sophisticated in both its programming and the social issues on which it can make an impact. The 49ers, the NHL, Chelsea Football Club Foundation and the NBA have already shown that sport can play a role in getting, and keeping, more young people engaged in STEM subjects.

Since 2009, Beyond Sport, the global force for sustainable change through sport, has taken a broad view of what sport can do for society. Recognising the pressing need for new approaches to STEM education, Beyond Sport came together with the 49ers Foundation and Chevron to host Beyond Innovation, the first-ever event that explored how sports can be leveraged as a tool to improve, empower and create new approaches to STEM education.

Global influencers and decision makers from government, business and sports convened to hear from the likes of Pixar, EverFi, US 2020, Chelsea Football Club Foundation and HP, and were challenged to explore the opportunity for sports to be part of the solution to the very real challenge of preventing the predicted shortfall of 85 million skilled jobs in the global economy by 2020.


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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 12:01

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