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Global Peace Games for Children and Youth


Global Peace Games for Children and Youth

Autumn will soon be upon us. All organizations are therefore invited to participate in the Global Peace Games for Children and Youth, which take place at locally scheduled dates, around 21 September. 

Since 2001, the Games have been organized around the world to build a grassroot involvement and educational initiative dedicated to the United Nations objectives of peace, non-violence and human development. The Games globally connect children, youth and communities by common themes and encourage them to find peaceful solutions in their daily lives and communities, to become involved in the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals, and to share and celebrate the values and skills they learn on the playing field through sport.

Participants plan their own low cost friendly sporting events along with educational presentations, music, art, dance and poetry. All registered participants will have the opportunity to sign the UNESCO Manifesto for Culture of Peace and Non-violence, and will receive special messages to highlight their participation from the United Nations Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace, from the President of FIFA, and from Peace and Sport, as well as a Certificate of Participation and a global Report on the Games.

The full Invitation/Instruction and registration form is available in English, French and Spanish. To register, please complete the form which should be to PLAY SOCCER Nonprofit International (PSNI).

PSNI initiates and coordinates the Games at the international level and will be pleased to provide any further info that is needed.

Visit the PSNI website for more information.


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Amélie Gottier


Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 23:00