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Goal Click: Refugees project

Copyrights: Goal Click / Didier Bana (FHPU)

Goal Click: Refugees project

Goal Click is seeking partners for their new global football photography project, Goal Click: Refugees.

Goal Click is a global media social enterprise helping people understand each other and the world through football. Goal Click finds inspirational people from every country in the world to tell a story about their country through football – all with just one disposable analogue camera each.

As was reported on last month, since 2014 Goal Click has gathered first-person perspectives from over 80 countries, working with many sport for development organisations. But up until now there is one population that has not been given a voice - refugees. The number of displaced people in the world has now surpassed the UK’s population to equal the 21st largest country in the world. 

With so many driven from their homes, football can become a powerful tool to help bring people and communities together. Football breaks down language barriers and can be used to help individuals integrate into new communities.

What is Goal Click: Refugees? 

The Goal Click: Refugees project will tell the story of refugees and asylum seekers around the world through their experiences with football in refugee camps or integrating into new host communities. Participants will be provided with one disposable analogue camera each to tell their story.

The photos and stories will be published by Goal Click and brought together in an exhibition.

Goal Click is looking to collaborate with charities and development organisations on this project. The project is seeking people from all over the world with a refugee background or currently holding refugee or asylum seeker status to take part in this project. 

If you would like your organisation or initiative to be involved in Goal Click: Refugees, please contact


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Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 09:35

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