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Grassroots physical activities and football training started in new normal life

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Grassroots physical activities and football training started in new normal life

Sports for Hope and Independence (SHI) started grassroots physical activities and football training for children, girls and youth living in the rural community in Bangladesh. The aim of the training was to break the social stereotypes on girl's sport participation and provide opportunities for children and youth to return to sporting activities in the new normal.

It’s become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going to end anytime soon. This means that we are going to have to figure out how to live and raise our children when, seemingly, every action we take carries some risk.

Sports can bring great benefits to children and youth, especially girls. Sports offer opportunities for exercise, which is crucial for health, and also for socialization and learning how to be part of a community. Children need these opportunities, which are particularly lacking during the pandemic.

Sports for Hope and Independence (SHI), in partnership with BizCare, conducted a 10-day physical activity and football training session under the "Mangrove Children" project at Kolbari Nexania High School, Munsiganj, Shamnagar, Satkhira. 96 participants actively took part in the training program.

As Tisha Moni, a 12-year old participant, reflects: "I was very rigid initially, and was scared of what people will think when they would see me playing at the playground. The SHI coaches have been helpful and allowed us to practice indoors at the beginning. After three days I was very confident and didn't bother about people's thoughts, surprising not only me but also my fellow girls. We wanted to practice in the playground in front of everyone. I think every girl should participate in football, to kick the social barriers of girl's participation in sport."


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Monday, November 23, 2020 - 06:10

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