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Green Team promotes legacy on the pitch, not litter on the sidelines


Green Team promotes legacy on the pitch, not litter on the sidelines

Of the 90 teams participating in this year’s East Africa Cup, one team is determined to ensure the safety of every player by highlighting the importance of their off-the-field responsibility to the environment. 

It’s not just the green t-shirts with the slogan ‘Environment’ across their chest that makes this team stand out, but the actions they want every player to take at this year’s East Africa Cup (EAC). And rightly so, as the Environment Team comprises of young Moshi residents, who are opening thier community to over 1,600 players from around the region, this week.

"Environment is life”

These are the wise words of 15 year-old Ally Sadig, who will ensure that communal areas are kept clean and that his fellow players respect not only the sports grounds, but the venues across Moshi used for this year’s EAC.

The importance for sports leaders to care for the environment
“You cannot be a good sportsman and woman if you stay in a dirty place. A clean environment means good players and messages,” adds fellow team member Matthew Edward.

Same message in every language
With teams representing three regional languages, it is sometimes difficult to communicate in one, therefore every team leader has been briefed on how to ensure their team leaves their legacy on the pitch and not through litter.

It does not end at EAC
Team Leader, Kaddu John Bosco, from CHRISC Uganda, explains how the environment is one of thier four key programme components:

“Alongside Sports and Leadership, HIV/AIDS Awareness and Evangelism, we teach a module called ‘Environmental Conservation’ and through this we see teams undertaking volunteer clean ups and tree planting.“

Tree planting in Uganda
“Due to ignorance and the lack of employment in Uganda, many people cut down trees for firewood, so we plant two trees for every one that is cut. As the leaders of today, we need to leave a positive legacy. People must understand that it is our responsibility to care for the environment as it continues to deteriorate at a fast rate.”

A message from the team: Please do not throw litter on the ground!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - 00:00