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Haba na haba: Developing the talents of young people


Haba na haba: Developing the talents of young people

Participants at the East Africa Cup are being given the opportunity to take part in media training courses - a fantastic learning experience for all involved.

Haba na haba is Swahili for little by little; participants at the East Africa Cup had the opportunity to attend media training courses that are occurring alongside the event.

Around 40 participants from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda commenced an event-long course focusing on various media skills. Courses are covering practical topics such as journalism, filming and animation. The event provides a fantastic learning space for these skills as they can be practiced immediately, drawing upon experiences from and around the event.

One week in Moshi, one year in the community
The skills learnt at the event will be taken back to the participants' communities for further benefit. Ruth, from MYSA Kenya, took a few minutes to describe the programmes she volunteers with, aiming to use the skills to enhance outcomes.

MYSA (Mathare Youth Sports Association) runs projects that promote socio-economic development in Nairobi's Mathare slum, and is normally associated with programmes using football and other sports.

Filming documentaries in the second largest slum in Kenya, MYSA's Shootback programme aims to depict people's daily lives and provide them with a voice to discuss issues of relevance to them.

Ruth spoke about a particular project that looked at the future of the slum, gathering residents' thoughts and opinions. Themes included providing quality roads and toilets as well as comprehensive lighting to prevent crime.

These films are collected and shown to the community through another unique programme, MYFF, the Myathara Film Festival.

Haba na haba
Little by little, this project teaches youth and develops their other talents, such as dancing, drawing, writing, singing and acting. By developing talents and skills it is hoped that participants will be able to contribute to their communities.


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Matthew Ruuska


Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 23:00