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Have you seen the sport and refugee map?

Have you seen the sport and refugee map?

PLAY International launched a stakeholder mapping exercise last week to identify key individuals and organisations using sport with/for refugees. We have already identified over 150 individuals and organisations.

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We know that sport is being used to increase social inclusion in Europe and around the globe - focusing on those excluded because of their gender, religion, disability and ethnicity to name a few. In 2018, PLAY International, and this mapping, is focussing on refugees, and organisations that are using sport to increase their inclusion.

Are you an actor working on this thematic or know someone who is? Participating in the mapping is very quick, easy and involves two steps:

  1. Sharing who you look to
  2. Telling us more about yourself

Social innovation at PLAY International

The Playlab was created to bring key actors together to share experience and expertise in order to build innovative yet concrete solutions to social needs. Focusing on increasing the inclusion of refugees in Europe we began this mapping exercise. However, it is already showing that there are many interesting activities happening, but they often happen in silos.

Created with this understanding, to build on and improve the practices that are already the occurring, the Playlab launched it's open source approach to innovation and collaboration. After all social innovation is a collective sport.

The Incubator

The Playlab Incubator on sport and refugees will launch a call for projects on March 22. With the goal of supporting emerging projects to increase their impact, build networks and collaborate to create effective solutions that can be scaled up and/or replicated.

This will begin with an intensive week of reflection, innovation and collaboration in Paris, followed by ongoing technical support.

Read more about the Incubator


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