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Holistic business education alongside sport at UBS through continued partnership with SportzVillage

Author: Maxon Sequeira
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Holistic business education alongside sport at UBS through continued partnership with SportzVillage

Through a partnership with Sportz Village, UBS is ensuring their students are physically active, promoting a message of health.

Universal Business School (UBS) is a business school based out of Karjat, Maharashtra, India. It has promoted holistic business education by partnering with the pioneers of the education through sports programmes in India, EduSports. Both organisations look to extend their partnership with a stronger focus on sports alongside a well-established business curriculum, emphasising increased involvement in sports and physical activity and inclusion of all in sports.

With the onset of the new term in the academic year, UBS looks to re-write the records and fortify their stand as one of the most comprehensive and competitive business schools in the country. UBS already holds the distinction of being the first green business school in the country. With a sprawling 40 acre campus nestled amongst the quaint and picturesque location of Karjat, a suburb of Mumbai, UBS is an almost self-sufficient institution.

But that’s not the only agenda that UBS aims to achieve.

The founding father-son duo of late Gurdeep Singh Anand and former rugby player Tarun Anand, believed that sports and fitness as a lifestyle gives anyone an edge over the rest. UBS was thus set up with a view to promote holistic business education. This prompted the Anands to set up UBS as a green business school, and ensure that the students are involved in sports to promote fitness and cohesiveness with a competitive attitude.

The Anands sought a professional approach to train future business professionals for sport at UBS. This paved the way for UBS and EduSports, now Sportz Village Schools (SVS) to partner in 2015. Over the years SVS oversaw and developed the UBS sports programme alongside its business education programme. However the academic year of 2018-19 saw the inception of a new chapter in the UBS-SVS partnership with the introduction of the UBS Olympics.

The inaugural UBS Olympics season was organised by SVS to involve nine sporting disciplines: basketball, football, badminton, table tennis and volleyball, alongside chess, carom, pool and box-cricket, which are unconventional to the Olympics. The upcoming season of the UBS Olympics is set to have athletics and snooker as well to drive active involvement in sport and fitness. The idea will be inclusion, maximum participation and sports for all.

UBS, along with SVS, organises the UBS Olympics as a year-round sports event integrated into the UBS academic calendar. Apart from this UBS also organises timely flagship events like Rush4Rush, an inter-college festival, Leadership NextGen as a corporate/business interaction platform through sports as well as Children’s Day School Sports to reach out to underprivileged school students from nearby villages of Karjat.

At UBS, students play non-conventional sports like touch rugby, archery and marathon as an integral part of the business experience. Students begin their induction programme with the Pentathlon Tournament which comprises seven sports: badminton, football, standing jump, 50m sprint, basketball, table tennis and pool. Students compete individually and in mixed doubles teams.

As UBS and SVS look to extend their partnership promoting education alongside sports, both organisations are keen to promote active participation in sports while focusing on sound business education. UBS thus made a bold move to add sports as an integral part of its curriculum with assigned credits, becoming the first AICTE approved business school to make sports a mandatory part of its curriculum.

Attendance is taken on the sports field to ensure that students play a sport and remain active. Students who did not play a sport or failed to meet the mandatory attendance criterion were barred from their examinations and subsequently did not get their Post Graduate Diploma in Management qualification last year. UBS took this radical step to ensure their students learnt that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and that sports and fitness alongside their professional growth will bring greater value to their future. 


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