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How schools can fund-raise for Physical Education and Sport

How Schools can Fund-raise for Physical Education and Sport
Author: Thando W. Dlamini

How schools can fund-raise for Physical Education and Sport

In South Africa, Physical Education and Sport (PES) programmes in schools are under funded by the government. What can schools then do to ensure a functional PES programme for their students?

Every country has their own system for the development, implementation, and funding of the PES in schools. In some countries this is mainstreamed in the national education curriculum, but in others it falls under the responsibility of a national sports body. This is the case in South Africa, where the platform Sports and Exercise Dev SA is based.

The importance of PES in the development of children and youth is evident in research and various case studies that have been carried out across the world. Many organizations, including governments, have conducted these case studies and yet PES is still not being prioritized in many countries. This is a missed opportunity, I am sure you’d agree.

In the case of limited funding for a school’s PES programme, there are alternative ways for the school to raise funds to facilitate the PES programme in their school. We have compiled a list of five practical ways schools can raise funds for PES.

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