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ICSSPE's Communities and Crisis seminar to begin


ICSSPE's Communities and Crisis seminar to begin

21 November, 2011, marks the start of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education's (ICSSPE) international seminar "Communities and Crisis - Inclusive Development Through Sport".

International experts in sociology, psychology, social work, sport science and physiotherapy will deliver practical workshops combined with theoretical sessions to train the use of sport and physical activity in crisis management and in social problem areas.

Themes addressed

For this purpose, themes that will be addressed include "Community Based Psycho-social Support", "Sport Activities for Different Age Groups", "Inclusive Games and Resource Development", "Gender and Sport - Challenges in Crisis Areas", "Project Funding and Entrepreneurship" and "Monitoring and Evaluation of Psycho-social Sport Programmes".


The seminar, to which participants from over 20 countries are expected, is an amplification of former ICSSPE events on sport in crisis management. Addressing social workers, psychologists, disaster relief workers, students and all others working in this field, the event offers scientific knowledge and practical experience concerning the application of sport and physical activity for trauma relief, rehabilitation and the promotion of community building in crisis and social problem areas.

Event partners

The event will take place from 21-26 November, 2011, at HausRheinsberg Hotel am See, near Berlin, Germany. Partners of the seminar are Kennesaw State University, USA; UNESCO; Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, Fürst Donnersmarck-Foundation and Freie Universität Berlin, all Germany; and Halle Foundation, USA.

Please visit the official website for a complete programme as well as further information on the conference, or get in touch with Peter Pinzer,


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