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IDSDP 2018 world tour

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IDSDP 2018 world tour

From Pakistan to Mexico, find out how the worldwide press talks about the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP).

Since 2014, 6 April has been a key event for the sport and development movement. Every year, IDSDP reminds the international community that sport is a first-rate vector for development and a global force for social change.

This fifth edition confirmed the even greater mobilisation of our sector players. All around the world, events have flourished in order to celebrate this day. As always, IDSDP was active on social media through hashtags #IDSDP2018, #April6, #Sport2030, photo actions and digital campaigns. UN DESA shared its online campaign #PlayforGlobalGoals to promote sport for unity and inclusion among nations and people.The non-profit organisation The Apothecary by Neri launched the campaign #Togetherweplay (in French) to highlight the power of sport and its role in attaining SDGs, with the support of UNDP Gabon. Finally, the #WhiteCard campaign from Peace and Sport bring the house down with 90 million people reached on social media (compared to 43 million people last year).

IDSDP in the media

Lots of media outlets relayed the event including:

Not much is mentioned about IDSDP in the European and North American mainstream press (except Mexico). IDSDP media coverage was more significant on other continents. Latin American press pointed out the importance of sport for education, health and social cohesion. IDSDP dominated the headlines news in French-speaking African countries. In this region, 6 April was chosen as the date for the official launch of campaigns related to sport for social change; the signing of agreements between sport for development players; and the announcement of a sport policy implementation. In the international English-language press, media outlets from Asia and the Middle-East featured the positive impact of sport on society and revisited the origins of IDSDP creation.

IDSDP and sport institutions

Of course, international sport institutions talked about IDSDP on their own communication channels. Among them, FIFA recalled that “Football is a truly unique and special tool that empowers and unites people and communities around the world”. On this website, UCI dedicated an article to IDSDP and emphasised that “Cycling, like all sports, will continue to contribute to building bridges and breaking down barriers to peace and development” while the IOC achieved a journey across the world in order to “discover ways in which the importance of sport in driving social change was affirmed on 6 April 2018”.

Every year, celebrations around IDSDP are growing - as confirmed by this fifth edition – and that is a positive thing. But let us not forget that promoting sport as a development tool is an everyday effort. The Operating Team hopes you had a happy IDSDP and invites you all throughout the year to strengthen our movement.


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