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IDSDP unites Finnish athletes and NGOs

IDSDP unites Finnish athletes and NGOs

The Liike Sports and Development IDSDP event included speakers from Finnish and International NGOs, consultancies, and universities discussing their experiences and results from S&D projects.

Finnish NGOs, international representatives, students and athletes took part in a seminar that discussed the relationship between Sport and Human Rights to celebrate IDSDP 2015, in Helsinki (Full video here).

Pohjois-Haaga Sports High School hosted the seminar that was organised by LiiKe – Sports and Development, Valo Finnish Sports Confederation, the Finnish Olympic Committee and Finnish Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities Vau ry.

The seminar was in Finnish and English with speakers from Finnish and international NGOs, consultancies and universities. Speakers covered topics and discussed projects surrounding sport and gender equality, female empowerment, conflict resolution, project evaluation and education.

Speakers included amongst others: Maria Bobenrieth from Women Win, an organisation promoting gender equality and female empowerment through sport; Tomi Lounio and Arnold Bugado who discussed Sports Development Aid and LiiKe’s projects that initiated physical education as a subject in Tanzanian secondary schools; and Lucas Farthing who discussed sports’ role in conflict resolution and experiences from Football Beyond Borders’ Balkan Project.

Professional photographers Timo Villanen and Meeri Koutaniemi exhibited their photos of two sport development projects in Tanzania and Ghana.

Speakers then joined the audience in small group discussions and debates on how sport can achieve the Post 2015 Millennium Development Goals relating to Environment, Gender Equality, Quality Education, Disability Rights and Peace.

This unique seminar connected people from different walks of life, different genders and all ages but who all shared the same belief: “Sport has the power to change the world” (Nelson Mandela).


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Monday, April 27, 2015 - 23:00