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If more women would play more sports

Author: Polona Fonda

If more women would play more sports

Exercise is not solely something our doctor harasses us with. It’s so much more. Physical activity is also a tool for growth, development and social change.

The hard part is not starting to exercise, it’s finding a sport you fall in love with. Keep trying. Because when you do fall in love with the movement, the daily grind in the gym, park, forest or on the field becomes your sacred practice. It becomes your time, your escape, your empowerment.

This past year we have witnessed a shift in women’s behaviour. Millions have flooded the streets of world’s capitals to signal we are being an active, and a strong part of our society. Now imagine more women would also start being active in terms of physical activity. What would happen to our healthcare costs, the leaderships positions, our ambitions and hopes…?


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Friday, February 17, 2017 - 12:30