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Imbibing leadership in youth

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Imbibing leadership in youth

How does sport help in developing leadership skills in youth? It has to go beyond mere participation – purposeful program design is the key to developing leadership in youth.

Sport is an activity that youths are highly motivated to pursue. When children and youth are enrolled in sports, it helps them develop positive attributes. However, research indicates that mere sport participation does not guarantee life skill development. 

The need for positive development of youth is critical. Today's youth need to develop leadership skills, since it will help them cultivate their skills in order to enable them be successful in the future. 

Leadership has been identified as an important life skill among youth athletes. However, the performance of a leader is evident more in competitive matches.                       

I would like to encourage athletic directors, PE teachers and coaches to introduce programs on how to develop youth leadership through sport because they all have a unique opportunity. 

Finally, sport in general is one of the best tools to support the process of personal development of youths.

Carolyne Musau is a professional journalist who takes a close at things every day.


Leadership is translating vision into reality. The Football3 methodology is a unique way of playing football that is changing lives across the world. It is based on the principle that the basic values of fair play, gender equality, teamwork and respect are just as important as football skills.

Football has helped create social behaviour change among the participates; behaviour like authenticity, patience, communication skills, empathy, conflict resolution and facilitation, since everyone is trained to be a leader. As a leader to tackle challenges of today’s youths you should always aim High, be confident, train hard, push yourself and never quit.

We need to train youths to be authentic and always work as a team so as we can all achieve a common goal for the better of all persons.

Ferdnand Wakalile is a Program Officer with the Youth Environment Service, an organization based in Uganda.


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Carolyne Musau; Ferdnand Wakalile


Thursday, August 12, 2021 - 12:22

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