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Inclusive Softball takes centre stage as Generations for Peace moves to Aqaba

Inclusive Softball takes centre stage as Generations for Peace moves to Aqaba

With the focus moving to inclusiveness in sport, Softball and media relations took centre stage for Day 5 of the global initiative, Generations For Peace: Camp 08.

Following three days of interactive classroom sessions combined with practical sports coaching in Amman, the 71 delegates from 16 countries enjoyed Jordan’s most treasured tourist attractions of Petra and Wadi Rum en route for two intensive days of activity in Aqaba on the banks of the Red Sea.

Generations For Peace, founded by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein, President of the Jordan Olympic Committee, uses sport as a vehicle for bringing together youth in divided communities. The delegates then cascade their learning to like-minded leaders of youth back home. On Sunday, the delegates received coaching from softball experts provided by the International Softball Federation.

HRH Prince Feisal said:

“Today has been very important for the Generations For Peace delegates who have learnt the importance of inclusiveness in sport. Softball is new to many of them but already they have seen the advantage of using a team sport that allows girls and boys, men and women to play together. It is also a sport that uses many different physical facets and skills, so everyone can be included”.

Softball is one of the world’s fastest growing team sports and many of the delegates from the nine African and seven Asian countries enjoyed it for the first time. Its easy-to-understand rules and mixed gender team aspects has encouraged organisers to use softball along with five other sports.

Earlier on Sunday, the delegates learnt the important role that the media has to play in spreading the global message of Generations For Peace and were advised on how to build and maintain relationships with their local media.

Commenting on the media relations aspect of the course, HRH Prince Feisal said:

“Generations For Peace needs the oxygen of publicity to grow around the world, therefore the media session was particularly important. There was intense interest from the delegates and I was impressed by the understanding and experience that many already have in dealing with the media”.

Prince Feisal attended many of the class room and the practical sessions.

With the camp halfway through, delegates have honed their new skills in basketball and volleyball. In addition, they also undertook football under the guidance of an English professional provided by the Laureus Foundation, one of the Generations For Peace partners.

The 10-day Peace Pioneer Certification Programme comprises intense interactive theory and practical sporting work delivered by leading international and local peace education experts and sport coaches.
The training programme is composed of four key modules which focus on the roles Peace Pioneers will undertake within their communities: Peace Building; Working with children; Training the Trainers; and Advocacy for Generations For Peace. In addition sport training, rules and teaching skills cover six sports: Softball, Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Table Tennis.

As well as the Laureus Foundation, the National Federations of Jordan and Jordan Paralympic Committee are contributing by providing coaches, facilities and equipment. Numerous International Federations are also supporting the camp by sending coaches. These include: the International Softball Federation (ISF), International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

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Saturday, November 29, 2008 - 23:00

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