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An indestructible love of soccer


An indestructible love of soccer

One year ago, GOALS began to work in Haiti. Now GOALS expanded their activities with a project in a rugged mountain village in Haiti using the sturdy soccer balls donated by One World Futbol.

This month, Global Outreach and Love of Soccer (GOALS) is celebrating a birthday – it’s been exactly one year since we started working in Destra, a small fishing village in Léogane, Haiti! We kicked off GOALS in 2010 by debuting the area’s first summer camp, first youth programs, and first free, organized sports activities fo

This month, GOALS climbed mountains to start work in a remote community called Magandu, located high above the town of Grand Goave, Haiti.

Driving up the steep, rocky roads, one quickly feels isolated from the bustling town below. Though extreme erosion is visible in the rocky soil, farmers make a living on small plots by growing vegetables to feed their families and sell at the weekly market.

In order to reach that market, children and adults alike will hike for miles, tugging their horse or donkey behind them under the full midday sun.In other words, this is no place for just any kind of soccer ball.

In June, GOALS was fortunate to receive a shipment of 200 blue, indestructible soccer balls donated by One World Futbol. These sturdy soccer balls not only resist normal wear-and-tear, they can survive virtually anything, from sharp rocks to a sledgehammer.

As GOALS volunteer Jovan Julien noted, the balls “have built-in pumps allowing the staff to maintain them without any additional expensive equipment.” 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 23:00

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