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Inspire Girls Nigeria: Using sports as a tool for the development of young girls


Inspire Girls Nigeria: Using sports as a tool for the development of young girls

School girls aged 9-16 participated in an interactive session in Abuja which combined sports, life skills learning and health education.

Over 150 school girls took part in a two hour long interactive session in Abuja, Nigeria. The girls were all excited, especially when they got onto the field of play. Issues like talent discovery, self-confidence, cleanliness, concentration in school and life lessons were discussed with the girls. They were especially excited during the question and answer session, after which the girls engaged in football, skipping and other sport activities.

Girls were told to have confidence in themselves and believe in their dreams, as well as how to ensure adequate cleanliness in order to stay healthy. Miss Nnnena Ibeh, a health practitioner, child and maternal health specialist and girl-child education advocate, presented an educational session on the importance of cleanliness. The girls were told to change clothes, bath regularly and brush their teeth. There was further focus on a range of other issues regarding cleanliness, health and sanitation. 

Sports and self-esteem
During the outreach, Mr Mac Charles, a sport journalist with specialisation in women's football, said the girls should be involved in physical and health education on a daily basis. He said, “An exercised life and body is a healthy life.” He told them to focus on their studies and never allow low self-esteem and peer pressure to deter their bright future.

The football match was played by some of the girls while some opted for skipping and athletics. The event was coordinated by Aderonke Ogunleye.

Footballs, skipping ropes, sanitary pads and books were later distributed to the school's management and the team promised to return to check on the progress of the girls in three months time.

Children need to be encouraged and important tools like sports must be considered, which can also be used to get their full attention. Girls should be reminded at all times that they are equal to boys; no gender is more superior or important than the other. Girls should be helped in the process of growing to become a woman.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 23:00