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INTERACT: Making sport accessible for all

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INTERACT: Making sport accessible for all

The ITTF Foundation shared its experience in making sport and physical activity accessible for all at the Multiplier Sport Event, the INTERACT Pilot Training in Sport for All Development in Leipzig, Germany between 4-5 May.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the INTERACT Project supports international sport organisations in developing their sport for all activities and increasing grassroots participation. The ITTF Foundation, with an extended portfolio in promoting inclusion with table tennis, was leading the training, together with TAFISA (The Association for International Sport for All) and the German Frisbee-sport Federation, during the Multiplier Sport Event.  

“Sport for all can play a crucial role for a better world. We need sport to play its role in society and sport organisations must come out of their shell.” - Jean-Francois Laurent, TAFISA Junior Director. 

The pilot training invited sport organisations to discuss the challenges, opportunities, needs, and expectations they face when dealing with sport and physical activity for all. 

“Sport for all must be inclusive; a sport for all strategy is working out if there is a clear intention to actively include the disadvantaged groups.” - Jörg Benner, Director of German Frisbee-sport Association. 

Mixed with sweat busting fun activities and practical workshops, the two-day event kicked off with a bike ride to the event venue on the morning of 4 May. As the participants proceeded to explore leadership and management, policy and strategy making, as well as programmes and events for sport for all activities, a presentation on best practices took place to further demonstrate the application of theories in reality. 

“The training was very useful and productive with shared experiences and best practices for enabling sport for all at all sport organisations. The multilateral angle from different countries and territories was especially valuable. I would recommend all sport organisations to include sport for all in addition to the mandatory tasks and objectives of their organisations.” - Jeton Beqiri, President of the Table Tennis Federation of Kosovo.  

Other workshops included the introduction to key elements in designing sport for all activities, identifying target groups, and sport for all project timeframes and scopes.  

“We will take the inspiration from this training, translate the key elements of the learning material, and present them to our Association board.” - Hans Henrik Ottosen, President of Greenland Table Tennis Federation.  

A total of 27 sport organisations and INTERACT partners participated in the two-day Multiplier Sport Event either physically or online, including TAFISA, ITTF High Performance and Development, and multiple national table tennis associations. A variety of other sports were also represented in the event including frisbee, minigolf, Jiu Jitsu, dodgeball, badminton, soccer, table soccer, and cycling. 

The feedback and best practices collected during the event will be consolidated into a toolkit that further assists international sport organisations in their quest to develop suitable sport for all activities.  


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Monday, May 9, 2022 - 08:19

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