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International Conference on Development through Football


International Conference on Development through Football

The conference took place in Vienna from 23-24 April 2010. The event sought to bring the social development issues African countries face into the World Cup 2010 South Africa context.

The subtitle of the conference: ''Sustaining the potential of the first African World Cup'' attempted to set the agenda of the event to focus specifically on the legacy of the World Cup 2010.

Pre-event panel discussion
The pre-event panel took place on 22 April 2010, the evening before the conference. Experts in key areas of football development were present. Issues were raised on diverse topics, including: gender; trade, migration and trafficking of football players; sports celebrity involvement in promoting development and social causes, among others.

Main conference
The main conference involved representatives from the football family, NGOs, UN agencies and government agencies. Splitting the day between panel discussions in the morning and workshops in the afternoon, allowed all participants to mingle and to learn from one another. Find out more about this here

Follow up
The final day focused on the formulation and review of the conference Action Plan, to ensure the follow up from the conference takes place in a sustained way.


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Usha Selvaraju


Monday, May 10, 2010 - 23:00

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