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It's Her Turn: Host of female skateboarders support Skateistan's campaign to empower girls

Four girls preparing to skateboard in South Africa
Copyrights: Hannah Bailey/Skateistan South Africa (Photo)

It's Her Turn: Host of female skateboarders support Skateistan's campaign to empower girls

The award-winning international NGO aims to raise $75,000 to provide programs which inspire girls to defy expectations.

Skateistan, an international NGO which empowers children through skateboarding and education, launched a new campaign today called It’s Her Turn, focusing on girls’ empowerment and the importance of female role models for girls and young women.

The campaign is being supported by a host of prominent women skateboarders, who have contributed to the campaign’s short film as well as donating photographs of female skaters to showcase the power of women supporting other women. The photo collection, also called ‘It’s Her Turn’ features skaters Andrea Benitez, Brighton Zeuner, Nicole Hause, Tania Cruz and Cata Diaz and includes photographs from Mimi Knoop, Zorah Olivia, Norma Ibarra, Raisa Abal, Olga Aguilar and Hannah Bailey. The short film features contributions from pro skaters Amar Hadid, Lucy Adams, Sarah Meurle and Helena Long.

Skateistan runs programs in its five locations around the world (Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and Bamyan in Afghanistan; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and Johannesburg, South Africa) and focuses on providing safe spaces for girls, who are often excluded from sports and educational activities. Around half of Skateistan students are girls and all Skate Schools have female General Managers, providing role models for young girls who might otherwise be limited in their expectations. Because of Skateistan, the highest concentration of female skateboarders in the world can be found in northern Afghanistan.

The campaign delves into the idea of role models through four stories of Skateistan students who have been inspired by their female educators at Skateistan. Sara is on the girls’ soccer team at Skateistan Mazar-e-Sharif and describes how her Educator, Mubaraka, inspires her in all aspects of her life. In turn, Mubaraka was also a student at Skateistan and explains that she was inspired to chase her dreams by Zainab, who is now Country Manager for Skateistan in Afghanistan.

Deputy Executive Director at Skateistan, Claire Dugan said:

 “All around the world, girls are restricted in many aspects of their lives. It’s often assumed that girls are less interested in sports, but this is often simply that they don’t realize their own potential because of lack of role models, encouragement or access to safe spaces. At Skateistan, we want to challenge that idea and show girls that they can be whatever they want to be. Skateistan provides a safe environment where girls can skate, learn and express themselves. By employing women as leaders and educators, we can show girls that it’s possible to achieve their dreams. This campaign will help us to keep running programs that empower girls and give them the tools to lead the next generation.” 

It’s Her Turn aims to raise $75,000 and will run until the end of July. The campaign will benefit Skateistan students in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Around the world, Skateistan has around 2,500 active students, half of whom are girls.

Visit to support the campaign.


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Friday, July 3, 2020 - 10:49