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IWG Women & Sport Global Executive met in London

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IWG Women & Sport Global Executive met in London

From 7-9 June the IWG Women & Sport Global Executive convened in London with other players in the game to discuss current developments and status of gender equality in sport, and how to continue to progress towards an inclusive and equitable sporting world.

What you need in life is to know about history and have sunshine in your life”, explained Anita White, one of the founding ladies of the International Working Group on Women in Sport (IWG). 

To know why and how the global women and sport movement is today, it is helpful to know where it came from. IWG has come a long way. For 25 years, a dream of a more equal world of sport has been the driving force. Thanks to IWG Women & Sport and other organisations advancing equality, today, the culture of sport offers more opportunities to girls and women than ever before. However, the work is not finished. In fact, it has only begun. 

The sun was not shining in London on 7-9 June, but the atmosphere was brighter than the sun, when the IWG Women & Sport Global Executive met for the annual meeting in the 25th anniversary year of the organisation. The meeting was hosted by the British Olympic Association, the British Paralympic Association, UK Sport and the Commonwealth Games Federation. Niina Toroi, the Chair of the ENGSO Equality Within Sport Committee was present at the meeting, serving as the Representative of Europe.

Since 1994, a group of dedicated women have worked to ensure that sports offer equal opportunities for women and girls. Today, IWG Women & Sport is the world’s largest network dedicated to empowering women and girls – advancing sport. One would assume that in 2019 the topics from 1994 are solved already, however, many of the issues are still hot topics. Now, time is up! Now, it is time to have women and girls widely represented on all levels and sectors of sport. Now, it is time to act!


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