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Jordan Olympic Committee launches Faces of Living Sport


Jordan Olympic Committee launches Faces of Living Sport

The Jordan Olympic Committee (JOC) has launched a new social media campaign today called Faces of Living Sport. The campaign strategy will bring alive the message of Living Sport through the stories of ordinary Jordanians.

Faces of Living Sport will give Jordanians the opportunity to share their unique perspectives on healthy living and how they incorporate sport into their daily lives. Over the coming weeks, the JOC will be talking to Jordanians who are exercising to find out their stories and what sport and healthy living means to them. Photographs and responses will be posted on the official JOC social media platforms:

The campaign’s goal is to offer the public a daily glimpse into the lives of ordinary Jordanians, with the hope that the wider public will identify themselves with those individuals chosen which will hopefully inspire them to exercise.

The JOC is stressing that one does not have to be athletic or fit to exercise; rather living healthy is a lifestyle that anyone can choose.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 04:00