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JSFD publishes two new issues

JSFD publishes two new issues

The Journal of Sport for Development has published a new volume with two issues, with the latest in research from the field.

The Journal of Sport for Development's (JSFD) mission is to advance, examine and disseminate evidence and best practices for programs and interventions that use sport to promote development, health and/or peace. JSFD is the first peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to exclusively publishing research from the field of sport for development.

JSFD is pleased to announce the publication of Volume 10 of the journal, with two new issues consisting of five articles each. 

Issue 1

The following articles are available in Volume 10, Issue 1:

  • “Learn how to keep going”: Applying strengths perspective and hope theory to girls in CrossFit (Christina M. Gipson, Nancy L. Malcom, Amy Rundio, Tamerah Hunt)
  • The influence of servant leadership on shared leadership development in Sport for Development (Per G. Svensson, Gareth J.Joney, Seungmin Kang)
  • Health interventions as vehicles for increased sport participation for women and girls: Socio-managerial insights from a Netball-for-Development Program in Tonga (Nico Schulenkorf, Emma Sherry, Katja Siefken, Unita Tauhalaliku, Justin Richards)
  • A follow-up qualitative study: The lived experiences & perceptions of SDP trained youth sport coaches and teachers from Jordan and Tajikistan with using sports to foster a culture for peace (Ali S. Kanan, Lindsey C. Bloom, Lawrence H. Gerstein, Dorice Hankemeier, Bryan Shurigar, Sarah J. Ciosek, Adam Kroot)
  • Preparing for long-term success: Sport for Development’s strategies during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Carrie LeCrom, Tiesha Martin)

Access the issue here.

Issue 2

The following articles are available in Volume 10, Issue 2:

    • Moving beyond disciplinary silos: The potential for transdisciplinary research in Sport for Development (Meredith A. Whitley, Holly Collison-Randall, Paul M. Wright, Simon C. Darnell, Nico Schulenkorf, Eric Knee, Nicholas L. Holt & Justin Richards)
    • Improving adult women’s emotional health in rural Kenya through community soccer and the role of social support: A mixed-methods analysis (Francis Barchi, Millan A. AbiNader, Samantha C. Winter, Lena M. Obara, Daniel Mbogo, Bendettah M. Thomas, & Brittany Ammerman)
    • Experiences abroad: The impacts of an international sport for development trip on American young women (Carrie LeCrom, Jennifer Jacobs & Karisa Kuipers)
    • Understanding sport as a vehicle to promote positive development among youth with physical disabilities (Amanda McKinnon, Rebecca L. Basset- Gutner, Jessica Fraser- Thomas & Kelly P. Arbour- Nicitopoulos)
    • Diving into a new era: The role of an international sport event in fostering peace in a post-conflict city (Jada W. Lindblom, Eric Legg & Christine A. Vogt)

    Access the issue here.


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