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Kankia School children get involved in a school sports day


Kankia School children get involved in a school sports day

Pro Sport Development successfully organised an event to further the Khel Vikas project's aim of increasing the participation of marginalised youth in sport.

Khel Vikas successfully organised the 32nd Annual School Sports Day on the 26-28 December 2013 at the Kankia School in Ganjam, India. The school sports day aided by the grass roots development programme implemented by the Khel Vikas project, by getting more Kankia School children involved in sports. Participation of youth in sport is important for the holistic development of the Odishan tribal communities.

Khel Vikas coaches have been educating young athletes by teaching them the rules of a variety of sports, as well as coaching their technical abilities. This is another example of how sport development initiatives by Khel Vikas help the social development of the marginalised youth of Odisha.

Talent in abundance
The Kankia school children displayed fantastic energy throughout the 3 day event. There were many outstanding performances from both boys and girls, with over 300 children participating. The children have shown great development in sport, especially those who participated previously in the School District Athletics.

Facility development
New badminton and volleyball nets formed in the Kankia School by the Khel Vikas team made it possible for introduction of badminton and volleyball were in the competition for the first time. Such developments will also encourage more school children to participate in recreational sports as they now enjoy easily accessible facilities on the school grounds.

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