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Khel Vikas and the 2013 Indian Youth Weightlifting National Championship


Khel Vikas and the 2013 Indian Youth Weightlifting National Championship

The experience gained by Khel Vikas participants at a national event in December highlights the potential for the project to enable underprivileged children and young people to showcase their talents. 

The Kankia Weightlifting Academy athletes have aided their individual development after their participation in the Youth National Championship 2013, where there were over 150 participants from around 15 different states of India. The participation numbers shows a high level of interest from young children in weightlifting, this will benefit them long term in both aspects of sport and health. It shows a strong community aspect having athletes with similar backgrounds and desires to achieve great heights in weightlifting.

The Khel Vikas projects aim to provide underprivileged children in Odisha the chance to develop in sporting competitions such as the Youth Nationals. The support given to the Kankia School Weightlifting Academy has provided the opportunity for young athletes to showcase their talents at elite levels.

Four Khel Vikas athletes participated – three females and one male who, aged 13, was the youngest participant in the youth boy’s category. All Khel Vikas athletes finished in the top ten for their respective categories. This is a great platform for the weightlifters to build upon for future championships, and will provide them valuable experience and confidence. Proudly representing their state Odisha in the championships, they will be role models for future Khel Vikas athletes looking to participate in recreational and competitive sports.

All the four Khel Vikas athletes gained excellent exposure by participating in the championships, as well as interacting with fellow competitors, managers and referees from different states. This is a great example of how sport brings social integration amongst young people with different backgrounds. Two of the participants, Sanatana and Tukuni showed great skill and grit to achieve some new personal bests in a highly competitive environment.

The exposure for the athletes who travelled to Assam has provided a great educational component which will feed the growth at grass roots level in the state of Odisha. Young talents will be able to learn and pass on experiences at championships to motivate communities of tribal children looking to develop in sport.


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Steven Dass


Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 23:00