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Khel Vikas: Grooming future stars of weightlifting in rural India

Khel Vikas: Grooming future stars of weightlifting in rural India

This Pro4Sport Solutions (P4SS) video gives an insight into its weightlifting programme and how this programme, part of the Khel Vikas project, helps youth from the economically backward region of Odisha, India, with sporting resources and training to ensure their sporting and all-around development.

Khel Vikas Project in Odisha
Pro4Sport Solutions

(P4SS) uses sport as a means for the holistic development of underprivileged youth who lack the resources and opportunities to participate and compete in sport. P4SS has joined hands with the Odisha-based rural development organisation Gram Vikas for the Khel Vikas project. Khel Vikas, which literally translates to sport development, aims to provide the youth from Odisha a platform to learn, play and excel in sport, which in turn fosters their growth as confident and competent learners.

Weightlfting Program
The Khel Vikas project, which got underway in November 2012, has given an immediate impetus to this program, which was started by a volunteer coach in 2008. The project, to begin with, recognised the efforts of the volunteer coach to make him full-time, he now trains these kids two-hours a day, five-days a week. The local coach is now also supported by a strength & conditioning coach, a monitoring & evaluation intern and a PE teacher in school.

Among the other changes made, the Khel Vikas team has now improved kids' nutrition, provided new and added more weightlifting equipment, enhanced infrastructure and designed an athlete development plan that focuses not only on fitness aspects such as injury prevention, prehab as well on their personality development. The program has currently around 20 children training, out of which more than 50% are female. 


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Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 23:00