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Kibera children embrace new sport - jump rope


Kibera children embrace new sport - jump rope

Since jump rope was first introduced in Kenya, back in May 2010, children from the NGO Carolina for Kibera's programmes have embraced the new sport fully, and they are going places.

The first competition that was organised in Mombasa, in June 2010, made the children at Carolina for Kibera like the sport of jump rope more because of the benefits. As Diana Adhiambo, one of the Kenyan top medal holders says:

I am very happy because I have many medals through jump rope. This year I have been able to win six medals. This has come about through hard work and a lot of training. Jump rope is an easy and enjoyable sport, if only one has interest in it. We learn so many styles through our coaches, who I can say are doing very well in giving us what we need in this sport.” 

Adhiambo adds that jump rope is just like any other sport and when she was introduced to the sport for the first time, she saw it as easier and more interesting than other sports so pursued it with all her strength. The first edition of the World Jump Rope East Africa Championship was held in Tanzania and saw the team scoop 22 medals from the nine children who participated.

We only did our training for three months and the children were so amazing in our first edition," says David Okello, one of the Kenyan coaches. "The sport was introduced first in Tanzania and later brought to Kenya. Just like any other sport, the children have come to love it and they work very hard in their free hours to sharpen their skills.

The second edition of the competition took place last year, in Tanzania, and Kenyan team managed to go home with 25 medals from the 22 children who took part in the championship. According to Okello the performance was good since they had good time to train and perfect their moves. This year the team dominated the championship that was held in Mombasa at the Aga Khan Academy, where they managed to bag 50 medals from the 20 children who participated in the third edition.

Kenya dominated in both the freestyle and speed events where new records were set and a much improved team showed off their skills. “There has been much improvement in this year’s edition compared to past years. The Kenyan team has really shown an impressive performance, executing new moves and breaking new records. Although the sport is tender in the East Africa region, I believe that it's going to grow as time goes by."


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Rebecca Gichana


Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 00:00