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Kick off at East Africa Cup


Kick off at East Africa Cup

On the first day of play in Moshi, on-the-ground organisations distributed information to children to ensure their protection, and the level of competition was high despite very wet conditions. 

Overnight rain meant that the normally dusty fields became quite heavy with mud for the first day of competition at the East Africa Cup. Over 1200 children began competing in football, volleyball and sitting volleyball at venues all over Moshi, Tanzania, as a part of the event.

Teams began what will be three days of competition before the finals on Saturday. The overnight rain meant the ground was extremely wet, and the dust became a sticky mud. As a result the ball became extremely heavy as it changed from white to brown. Players removed their football boots as the mud created a heavy, slippery platform beneath their feet.

Despite the difficulties, quality of competition was high. Games were fast paced with players positioning themselves well and many excellent passes.

Fortunately for sitting volleyball their court was a very well grassed area.

Never a missed opportunity

To help players warm up and teach key messages, Kicking Aids Out and Right to Play played games with teams while they were waiting for their next match.

Lions vs. Gazelles was one such game. Catherine from Right to Play Uganda explained that, when playing, the children try to avoid the lion and runaway from it. After the game she talks about child protection issues telling children when they should run away and raise an alarm.

During the evening celebration, Amina from Save the Children Zanzibar took a few minutes to explain to all the children the code of conduct signed by all leaders and adults to ensure their protection, as well as where they can go if they are concerned harm may be happening.

Cultural evening
Concluding a full day of excitement was an evening of dance and song from the different countries of East Africa. Children and adults alike joined in the celebration of what is sure to be a great competition, full of new friendships and unity.


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Matthew Ruuska


Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 23:00