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Launch of Kicking AIDS Out website

Launch of Kicking AIDS Out website

We are proud to announce that Kicking AIDS Out has launched a new website – please explore at

As a network of organisations working towards many of the same goals, using similar tools and methods it is important for all of us to share experiences, challenges and findings in our everyday work. However – the Kicking AIDS Out network of organisations work in different countries, even on different continents without having the opportunity to meet on a regular basis.

Aiming at improving the internal communication within the Kicking AIDS Out network and at the same time making it easier for all of us to demonstrate towards others what the Kicking AIDS Out network is all about, we have restructured and renewed the content on our website. We hope to show what we do and how we do it, we want to share our successes and challenges through pictures, stories, reports and newsletters and we strive to make the information as updated and easily accessible as possible.

On the new website you will amongst other things be able to:

  • Read the latest news relevant for the Kicking AIDS Out network
  • Read about experiences from the network organisations
  • Read personal stories from people involved in the network
  • Find out about upcoming events and activities within the network (Calendar)
  • Look at pictures from activities and happenings from the different organisations in the network (Photo Gallery)
  • Find links to resources within the fields of Sport for Development and HIV and AIDS
  • Download more specific Kicking AIDS Out resources
  • Read the description of the application process and download the application form for becoming a new member

To ensure the quality of the website, and that we meet important needs and wishes from the network, we have involved people in the process representing implementing members of the network, funding partners as well as representatives from the Kicking AIDS Out Secretariat and external users. The Kicking AIDS Out Secretariat would like to thank those of you who have been involved in this process so far – your input and feedback have been of great value!

We encourage all of you to send your newsletters and reports to, and we might post it on our website.

The Kicking AIDS Out website has also been updated when it comes to the graphical look'n feel – so please enjoy at


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Kicking AIDS Out Secretariat


Thursday, June 26, 2008 - 23:00

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