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#LeftHandIn to show we are one united team

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#LeftHandIn to show we are one united team

Peace Players International

How will you be celebrating IDSDP 2020?

As an organisation we are celebrating by helping all of our participants and supporters stay active and connected. All day we are helping people stay connected through our #LeftHandIn campaign showing that we are all one united team. We are also hosting live home workouts throughout the day!

What does 6 April mean to you?

IDSDP is all about the people and organisations helping to improve our communities through sport. Now, more than ever, these people play a critical role in the health and mental wellness of our population. Today we celebrate the impact that sports have to keep us connected even when we are physically distant.

Visit the Peace Players International website for more information.


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Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 15:04

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