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Life skills through games

Life skills through games

A new teacher’s manual demonstrates how sport and games can improve the lives of young people.

Teaching sport in Tanzania

This guide complements the teaching programme that sports specialist Sebastian Rockenfeller has developed specifically for teachers in Tanzania. 

In the 101 page manual Rockenfeller explains the fundamentals of his teaching programme for sports teachers. 

In addition he provides teachers with the theoretical basis alongside practical suggestions for sports lessons – for example how to plan and develop a lesson or how the teacher should behave in front of pupils.

Introducing skills and accessing subjects

Clearly written and with the aid of many pictures, Rockenfeller, who is a qualified sports scientist, describes exercises which not only provide physical training but also help improve life skills.

In this way, through games, children learn to have respect for each other and place confidence in their peers as well as developing self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Furthermore the exercises included in the manual facilitate access to sensitive subjects such as health (HIV/AIDS), education and gender equity. The programme is based on a series of workshops which Munich-based charity, Jambo Bukoba, organised in the Kagera region of Tanzania.

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Clemens Mulokozi


Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 23:00