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Looking forward to the Peace and Sport Awards

The winners of the 2015 Peace and Sport Awards.
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Looking forward to the Peace and Sport Awards

At a time when media stories are dominated by division and conflict, the upcoming ceremony in Monaco will help highlight that there is hope behind the headlines.

2016 has been an unsettled year for international politics. Syria continues to make headlines , with Aleppo “well into terrible descent into pitiless and merciless abyssaccording to one United Nations official. Violence and political turmoil have escalated tensions in South Sudan, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and several other countries. The outcomes of democratic processes in the UK and United States have shown that societal divisions are even deepening in countries benefiting from relative peace and prosperity.

It is a good time then, to celebrate the work of those working hard to end violence, heal wounds and build relationships between divided communities. The Peace and Sport Awards were first created in 2008. This year's event takes place in Monaco on 24 November, and aims to demonstrate the role that sport can play in creating hope in a turbulent world.

Reflecting the diversity of actors involved in promoting peace through sport, awards will be given in nine categories:

  • Diplomatic Action of the Year
  • Champion of the YearEvent of the Year
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year
  • Special Jury Prize of the Year
  • Federation of the Year
  • Non-Governmental Organisation of the Year
  • Adapted Programme of the Year
  • Foundation of the Year has been invited to be a jury member for the awards. The team will be represented by Paul Hunt, senior project officer, who will take part in the selection process and attend the awards ceremony. Thank you to Peace and Sport – we are delighted to participate. 



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