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The magic of sports and education

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The magic of sports and education

Carolina and Santiago Gallo detail how sport can help create educational systems that promote sustainable development.

Sport is a powerful tool for development. Its power can be seen in the development of communities and people around the world, from young athletes that overcome barriers or social paradigms to communities developing through sport. There are a lot of threats that our planet faces currently from a sustainability (environmentally, socially and economically) perspective. In that sense, sport is a powerful tool to enhance a balance between this sustainability umbrella and the creation of opportunities for everyone.

The most valuable way to create a sustainable balance is through education. Sport unites communities. Being from a country like Colombia that has so many social problems, one of the only times we have seen our country united without any social prejudice barrier is when the Colombian national team scores a goal or when our athletes win medals or championships. Sport has this advantage; it creates so much passion that it takes out the best of communities and enhances values and principles that help communities work together for a common goal- or the people who practice them develop certain abilities that can promote lifelong learning opportunities. Sport then becomes a platform and a motivation to learn or go to school and for personal or community development by creating different routines, disciplines and goals people want to achieve.

The best thing about sports is that when a person is playing a sport or supporting a sport or team they have to interact with people from other cultures, who think or behave in a different way. This becomes an influence and motivates people to create inclusive atmospheres and education that not only involves the knowledge given at school, but also helps people become worldwide conscious citizens that live within the inclusivity values.

Through sport we can create educational systems that promote sustainable development. As an example, the Colombian Pacific is rich in fauna and flora while being one of the poorest regions of the country. Also, it is an area where the best athletes of the country are born. If there is an system where athletes have an education where they can help develop their area while engaging people in the community to create environmentally friendly practices to promote ecotourism in the area, it will bring financial stability to the communities while not only educating on sports, but on the idea that we have to save the world in an environmental and social perspective. In the end, this will mean lifelong learning opportunities for families, women, men, children and people from different backgrounds and cultures that will help promote inclusion though that magic that sports and education have together.

Sport and education have the magic to promote sustainable development sceneries that if used in the right way can help create opportunities, equality and inclusion in a world that needs it so much.

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Carolina and Santiago Gallo


Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 12:04

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