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Malawi - The warm heart of Africa with Coaches Across Continents


Malawi - The warm heart of Africa with Coaches Across Continents

Mike Mazzullo writes about his time in Mzimba, Malawi working alongside fellow Columbia University alum and CAC staff, Nora Dooley.

The first time I heard that Malawi is the warm heart of Africa, slight worry nagged me. Even though it’s winter, the thought of a “warm” place in a continent that has some pretty warm places was alarming. Of course, “warm” probably refers to a generous spirit, but one can never be too careful when it comes to high temperatures. After a week in Mzimba, the double meanings of “warm” Malawi can be safely confirmed.

To set the stage a bit, this was a first-year programme in Mzimba, which is a medium-sized town in central Malawi. Most of the economy is agricultural. It’d be hard to find better tomatoes. Our participants, who come from Mzimba and the surrounding communities, number about 65. The majority of them are teachers, and thus share a special place in my own heart. I learned of their challenges in the classroom. 90 kids per teacher? Small classrooms without fans, in the African summer? Lack of basic materials like notebooks and pencils for everyone? Hard for me to imagine.

The hope is for CAC’s philosophy – using football to teach life, academic and other soft skills – to equip educators with another tool.

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