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March 2019: Women moving forward

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March 2019: Women moving forward

Marking the end of Women's History Month we look back at some recent momentous developments in women's football to celebrate progress towards gender equality.

March has once again come and gone, and with it International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. While the designation of a certain period of recognition for a minority or marginalised group remains a contentious topic of debate – both by those being recognised, as well as those who feel ‘left out’ – the fact of its existence is indeed a reminder that an extra moment’s conscious thought or action for a group – in this case women – whose history, accomplishments and struggles are embedded and intertwined in the history, accomplishments and struggles of all humankind, is still necessary.

While the fight for equality and inclusion continues on many levels, from equal pay to increased representation in decision-making positions, both women and men have striven for improvement and are seeing an increasing number of positive results from their actions. This past March, the news was full of progress that has been made in women’s football – record attendance numbers, improved sponsorship deals, increased representation and more.

The following are moments that we have collected from the past months to celebrate the progress that has been made, in the hope that this is just the beginning.


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