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Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation reinforces commitment to sustainable development through sports in Ghana

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Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation reinforces commitment to sustainable development through sports in Ghana

Press Release by Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation. Accra, Ghana.

Lack of physical and sporting activities has become one of the major challenges facing less privileged youth in Ghana and Africa at large. This is mostly due to poverty and other underlining factors. Martisans Sport and Cultural Foundation (MSCF) intervenes with a sports for development philosophy to support community youth and enhance their physical and mental health through sports and cultural activities. Founded in December 2009, the foundation has over the years created a platform for over 5000 boys and girls to participate in sporting and cultural activities. MSCF is a staunch advocate of the UN SDGs and going forward, the foundation looks forward to implementing more community projects to support youth development, women's empowerment, cultural activities and environmental protection.

Despite the hardships imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation’s commitment to support youth development is on course. The new module of the ‘Empowering the youth for a bright future through sports’ (EYBFS) project will focus on working with over 100 community clubs within Ghana in a bid to enhance their capacity to provide youth soccer coaching services to 100,000 youth within their various communities. The EYBFS project currently runs in 5 MSCF designated community school sports parks along the coast of Accra. The beneficiaries of the project are children from the fishing communities along the coast of Accra, where illiteracy and poverty are prevalent.

The modules employed in this project are the ‘Long Term Athlete Development’ module adopted from Sports for life - Canada, the GIZ sports for development module, and a locally developed community youth soccer training module. Together, these modules ensure a regular, structured, and measurable system in place to support the development of young athletes and further track their progress. The foundation is working to introduce the Flying Disc Game to our community youth in the coming year.

MSCF's ‘Lets Count the Girls’ (LCG) project is aimed at gender empowerment, supporting girls in our community to engage in sports and ending violence and discrimination against them. The project provides the platform for community girls to engage in sports to enhance their mental, physical and psychological health, while enhancing their self-confidence. The project has so far benefited about 150 girls and the foundation is working on getting more girls to participate. The foundation aims to increase female volunteer engagement by 50% in 2021, a program where community girls get to share their knowledge and experiences. The foundation will also increase girls’ engagement in managerial and decision making roles in the coming year.

The MSCF Civic Education and Human Rights Advocacy project is aimed at getting community youth engaged in decision-making processes at the assembly and community levels. This project is aimed at educating the youth, especially girls, on their civic rights, with the aim of getting more youth to be engaged in political activities and other decision-making processes within their communities. MSCF is planning to introduce innovative community engagement programs which are expected to reach 30% of community youth leaders by the first half of 2021 Through interactive lesson plans, participants will enhance leadership skills, learn the stories of inspiring change-makers in human rights, and think critically about the ways in which they can improve human rights in their community.

As part of our environmental protection initiative, the foundation, in 2021, will be using mostly environmentally friendly sports training equipment at all 5 designated sports training sites. These sports training equipment are made by local artisans with canes and are very durable. The impact of these wooden sports training equipment on the environment is quite low and the foundation hopes to replicate this in other regions outside Accra.

The MSCF volunteer project is expected to begin by March 2021. It was started last year, only to be halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. MSCF believes that foreign volunteers can also participate in the project and lend support, while building lasting relationships and memories in Ghana.

Martisans Sports & Cultural Foundation is working to expand its partnership network in order to enhance project impact and the capacity of its staff, team members, youth coaches, and volunteers. MSCF is therefore calling on all stakeholders worldwide to support the implementation of the foundations' community projects.


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