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Mifalot and Futkal partnership in the Philippines: Coping with trauma through football


Mifalot and Futkal partnership in the Philippines: Coping with trauma through football

On Friday, 8 November, a typhoon struck the Philippines - the worst storm the world has known in recent decades. A seminar was organised to work with grassroots football coaches in order to deal with the trauma that comes with natural disasters.

The storm caused heavy destruction and left two million homeless with no electricity, telecommunications or food. Thanks to the streetfootballworld network, Mifalot was able to join the "Field of Hope" mission and partner with Futkal & Friends in producing a unique seminar for dealing with post- traumatic stress syndrome through football. They met with over 50 coaches and physical education teachers in Cebu and Bantayan Island.

The programme was supported by Fundlife, the LBC Foundation, Sponsorship Network International, FIFA FFH, Street Football World, One World Futbol, Cebu Football Association and Tondo Futkaleros.

After travelling for almost 24 hours to the Philippines, the Mifalot team arrived at the island of Cebu to lead two seminars for local coaches on using football with local youth to cope with post -traumatic stress disorder. The first seminar was held at the Cebu Football Association. 10 coaches were expected to attend, but when the word spread out about the seminar 30 football coaches showed up! This was great considering football is not an overly popular sport in the Philippines. For most of the coaches, it was their first time learning about using football for development.

The second seminar was held in a school in Bantayan Island, which was very badly devastated by the typhoon. The coaches in attendance were very interested in receiving more information about the programme and extending the seminar. We finished with a short graduation ceremony, and an opportunity to exchange contacts to stay in touch. All the participants were provided with a football programme designed especially for this mission with over 20 different activities to use with local youth. We look forward to continuing this beautiful partnership, that was created between the organisations, through many more seminars and projects in the future.


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Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 23:00