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Moving the Goalposts celebrates International Women's Day

Moving the Goalposts celebrates International Women's Day

streetfootballworld network member ”Moving the Goalposts“ celebrates ‘International Women’s Day’ on March 8th, 2009 with an interactive event in Kilifi, Kenya.

On this year’s ‘International Women’s Day’ on March 8th, ‘Moving the Goalposts’ (MTG) is organising two football matches in the area where they work, Matsangoni in Kilifi, Kenya.

In the morning, there is a match between girls and their parents, followed by the MTG United U13 team playing against the Matsangoni MTG U13 team in the evening. This will be accompanied by a presentation about the organisation’s work and their programmes.
Furthermore, the Peer Health Education team who are performing a dramatic piece about how to take care of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Since 2001, ‘Moving the Goalposts’ promotes the education of girls and women through the power of football. They are providing support and encouragement for the women to be responsible for their lives and to take leadership in their community.

Early this year, Sarah Forde, journalist, trainer and supporter of ‘Moving the Goalposts’ from the very beginning, published her book Playing by their Rules: coastal teenage girls in Kilifi on life, love and football which gives stories and experiences of some of the girls and women involved.

You can download information about the book and how to order from the link on the right.

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