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Netball provides a platform to convey key health and social messages


Netball provides a platform to convey key health and social messages

After a month of training, the first women’s netball tournament took place on 21 – 24 August at the sport fields, constructed by Sport and Cooperation Network, in Boulembé, Cameroon.

Health and social messages

During the first round of the tournament a Cameroonian NGO called ASEJA, collaborated with Sport and Cooperation Network to organise awareness raising activities on sexual abuse and human trafficking. The popularity of sport provides a fantastic environment to disseminate essential health and social messages.

Netball is a team sport
When the trainings started many of the players didn’t know anything about the game, the rules or the goal. Every Monday and Wednesday they met in Boulembé where Sport and Cooperation Network’s coaches were waiting for them to start a two-hour training session.

To reach the basket and score, players always need the support of their teammates, as it’s impossible to advance without passing the ball. Thus, to reach the opponent’s basket and score, the ball has to be passed from one player to another: The team has the power; individuals cannot succeed on their own in this game.

During the trainings, the power of sport to convey values of teamwork and camaraderie was highlighted. At the beginning the girls were reluctant to play with girls from other villages, but during the last few sessions they teamed up with players from different villages.

The trainings improved the leadership of the captains. The day of the tournament, each captain stood in front of her team and showed them warm-up exercises (learnt during practice sessions) and each player followed in unison, just like they did with the instructions during the game.

Final result
The team from Boulembé won the tournament. However, for their sportsmanship and for gestures of fair play and fellowship, all the teams are champions. That’s the magic of sport.

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