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A new NGO in Zambia is looking to change lives through sport

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A new NGO in Zambia is looking to change lives through sport

Fountain of Good Sport Community Foundation (FOGS) is a Zambia-based NGO, founded in 2017 and working for the promotion of children’s rights and survival in the region.

In today’s society, many children experience abuse every day from both strangers and people they trust, which threatens their survival, development and participation in society. It is in the recognition of these threats to children that Fountain of Good Sport Foundation has been formed.

The mission of the group is to work for the improvement of the plight of children, young people and women in Zambia through sport. The activities are not limited to sport but include information sharing, training, education and innovative early interventions – bridging the gap between theory, policy and practice.

This action has mobilised the first ever community sports club as tool intended to educate children and youths (boys and girls) in various sporting activities such as volleyball, handball, football,  basketball, athletics, traditional games and indoor games so that they become self-empowered, confident and able to choose the career pathway of their choice with education and know their rights.

This development was initiated by few physical education teachers in the community and a number of volunteer coaches who share the vision.

The main objectives are:

1. To engage children and young adults in physical activities in order to keep them from b ehaviours such as drugs and alcohol abuse

2. To provide education about sports, HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence for both boys and girls in the community

3. To provide learning materials and courses to our members

4. To keep in contact with our donors to sustain the funding and expand the funding base

The Fountain of Good Sport Community Foundation is open to those interested in or active in sports. If you are interested to volunteer with FOGS please contact


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