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New opportunities


New opportunities

New opportunities in the S&D sector include an AISTS scholarship, a call for papers from the Sport and Society Journal, two award opportunities and the IDSDP 2015 #WhiteCard Competition.

AISTS launches future females in sport scholarship

In a continued effort to provide more opportunities for aspiring female sports administrators, the International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS) has reinstated one of its scholarships. Application deadline: 1 May

Sport in Society Journal: Call for papers: Special issue on Healthy Stadia agenda

This special issue seeks to examine the relationship between sport clubs, stadia and health promotion through a collection of papers aligned to philosophical, political, environmental and practical interventions enabled through sport stadia settings to improve levels of health literacy and increase healthy behaviours. Submission deadline: 30 September

Sport Media Pearl Awards

The Sport Media Pearl Awards is a new platform that recognises sport storytellers. One of their award categories, "Sport for a Better World", honours written work that aims to better the lives of the less fortunate or marginalised. Submission deadline: 30 September

Participate in the 2015 Arab Female Football Festival

Female football teams from the MENA region are invited to apply for the Arab Female Football Festival 2015 in Lebanon. Application deadline: 20 April

Apply for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Sports Award

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Sports Award recognises those in sport who have an innovative and collaborative approach to making their communities a healthier place to live. Application deadline: 13 May

IDSDP 2015 #WhiteCard Competition

Peace and Sport is hosting an online contest to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace entitled, #WhiteCard Competition. Take part in the competition until 6 April.

Three-year scholarship: Evaluating the therapeutic benefit of Paralympic swimming

Open to citizens of Australia and New Zealand, the University of Queensland's Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences department is offering a PhD scholarship for research focusing on the therapeutic benefit of Paralympic swimming. Application deadline: 8 April


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