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New Paralympic campaign to change perceptions

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New Paralympic campaign to change perceptions

Citi, the global partner of the IPC, has launched a new campaign to highlight the athletic achievements of Paralympians, to change the public's perception of people with disabilities.

With the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games right around the corner, Citi, the global partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), kicks off a new Paralympic campaign that will highlight the athletic achievements of Paralympians, aiming to change the public's perception of people with disabilities.

In 2019 Citi unveiled Team Citi, supporting the journeys of 49 Paralympic athletes from 26 countries and territories, players of 13 different sports and collectors of over 100 Paralympic medals. These athletes partnered with Citi as ambassadors to support the company’s global efforts to foster a more diverse, inclusive society and help change perceptions of persons with disabilities. 

The campaign will invite sports fans to “stare at greatness,” with the purpose of flipping a perceived negative script of staring at people with disabilities into an admiration for Paralympic athletes. The global advertising campaign is set to initially launch on social media with the participation of Team Citi. Alongside this, a broadcast spot will follow ahead of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, which begin August 24. In addition, the campaign will roll out in-market activations, including murals from artists living with disabilities.

“The initial spark of it stemmed from an initial conversation we had with (Paralympians) Scout Bassett and Brad Snyder,” said Citi CMO Carla Hassan. “What they said to us is, ‘Look, we want people to be impressed by our talent, our skills, our dedication to our craft. How we take action in our communities. We don’t want to serve just as an inspiration because we’re living our day-to-day lives.’” The campaign, which was designed and produced by creative agency Publicis, was set to launch last year but was pushed back following the one-year postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games due to the pandemic. 

Starting next month, the Team Citi roster will share what makes them “stareworthy” using #StareAtGreatness on Twitter and Instagram, amplified by Citi and other community ambassadors. Through this movement, Citi and Team Citi will call on people across the globe to share their own experiences tied to a disability, to help change the perceptions around people with disabilities.

“When I heard this was going to be the campaign, it aligned with everything that I believe in. Growing up, everyone used to stare at me. Kids used to stare at me, kids used to point, and I never understood why,” said wheelchair basketball player and two-time Paralympic medalist Trevon Jenifer, who is featured in the Citi campaign and will once again compete for Team USA in Tokyo this summer. “As I continued to get older, I understood that it’s because of something different, something they had not seen before.” 

“Citi has made a great effort to truly understand what the Paralympic Movement is about, and its commitment to spreading a positive message about diversity and inclusion across its global enterprise speaks volumes about its dedication to supporting people with disabilities, veterans and a more inclusive society,” said Team Citi member Brad Snyder, a seven-time Paralympic medallist in Para swimming from the USA. 

Since its partnership with IPC in 2018, more than 12,000 Citi colleagues across 15 countries have attended events in support of Citi’s first global, mission-led partnership and spent time volunteering. At the Paralympic Games, they will compete in 13 sports. 


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