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Nothing But Nets -Soccer Skills and Malaria Awareness

Nothing But Nets -Soccer Skills and Malaria Awareness

Young players turned onto malaria awareness by Major League Soccer and Nothing But Nets team while enhancing their playing skills

United Nations Foundation's Nothing But Nets team went to Salt Lake City, Utah, to work alongside Major League Soccer coaches and players over two days.

The first day consisted of more than 50 youth soccer players participating in a MLS W.O.R.K.S./Nothing But Nets soccer clinic.

The young players learnt about malaria and improved their soccer skills with the Nothing But Nets team highlighting the importance of malaria awareness and the work of their campaign.

Following this, MLS soccer coaches worked alongside the youth to help them enhance their speed and agility on the pitch.

All stars Jean Alexandre and Robbie Findley of Real Salt Lake participated in the activities and signed autographs for their young fans.

The young players showed obvious signs of excitement about the opportunity to be involved in the malaria prevention programme while at the same time improving their soccer abilities.

The following day saw an evening full of music and fun in multiple venues around Park City related to the MLS All-Star game in Salt Lake City. Nothing But Nets took this opportunity to further promote the topic of malaria prevention.



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Shane Crowhen


Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 23:00

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