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One day until the RESPONSIBALL Forum!


One day until the RESPONSIBALL Forum!

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On 8 November, the RESPONSIBALL Forum will bring together stakeholders in the sport sector for workshops and discussions dedicated to refugees and sport. The three subthemes—governance, community and environment—will be explored, highlighting good practices in sport projects involving refugees. The day’s events will also look toward the future with the goal to encourage the development of similar programmes.

Marc Probst, Executive Director of sportanddev and the Swiss Academy for Development, will moderate a workshop on project implementation and also present on projects and initiative in the field of sport and refugees.

Using case studies from government programmes, NGOs and sports federations, the talk will provide an overview of types of interventions and the effect they can have in refugee contexts. He will also touch on how sport and play can contribute to improving refugees’ mental health and wellbeing, and the importance of adapting programmes according to context.

Marc said: “This forum is a milestone in bringing together actors from different levels including NGOs, sport federations and governments to talk about the role sport can play in addressing refugee related issues. I am very much looking forward to hearing the different perspectives and assessing where synergies lie.”

Other highlights of the day include workshops on football clubs and CSR, sport’s role in the European migration crisis and the presentation of the 2018 RESPONSIBALL Ranking.

sportanddev has formed a partnership with Responsiball to provide article coverage of the event.

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