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One nation through netball

Author: The Naz Foundation (India) Trust
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One nation through netball

The Naz Foundation (India) Trust organises the 7th edition of the One Nation Netball Cup, a mixed gender netball tournament that brings together adolescents from different states in India. The event aims at promoting gender equality and appreciation of cultural diversity. It takes place from 29 April to 1 May in the Thyagaraj stadium in Delhi.

The Naz Foundation (India) Trust’s Young People’s Initiative (YPI) is a girls and young women’s empowerment programme that works in urban communities, offering weekly sessions to adolescent girls who are subsisting on a low family income. The programme provides safe places to play netball, impart life skills and educate adolescent girls on topics including sexual reproductive health and rights, gender and gender based violence. So far, Naz India has reached out to more than 90,000 adolescents.

In addition to its regular programme that focuses on working with girls, Naz India launched the One Nation Netball Cup (ONNC) project in 2013, seeking to address the widespread gender inequality across India through the launch of the only mixed gender netball tournament in India. India knows 22 official languages and 122 other languages and this makes sport the most powerful vehicle. The ONNC promotes social inclusion by bringing together adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds from different parts of the country.

The ONNC provides a unique opportunity for young players who may never get to be a part of such a sport tournament. During the ONNC, the teams play, participate in life skills sessions and cultural exchanges in which topics such as gender equality, mutual understanding and respect and social inclusion are addressed. By the end of the 6th ONNC, 88% of the participants believed that they learnt about gender equality and around 77% of the players learnt the importance of team work outside sport.

I learnt about cultural diversity since I made a lot of friends from different cultures of India and also learnt a few netball techniques from them and improved my game. The game taught us that teamwork is very important and so is gender equality”, said a participant from one of the teams at ONNC.

The 7th edition of One Nation Netball Cup will be hosted at the Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi from 29 April -1 May 2019, welcoming 18 teams from over 10 states.

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The Naz Foundation (India) Trust has been working in the thematic areas of gender, health and rights since 1994. The vision of Naz is to create a just and equitable society by transforming individuals from socially and economically excluded communities into agents of change.


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