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Passion, performance and partnership: The Sustainable Innovation in Sport Conference kicks off in Munich

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Passion, performance and partnership: The Sustainable Innovation in Sport Conference kicks off in Munich

Willem Huisman set the stage for two days of knowledge exchange in Munich.

“Sustainable Innovation in Sport” – three buzz words in a row. That was the implied criticism posed by a friend of Willem Huisman, president of Dow Germany and Chairman of the Board, on being told that Huisman would speak at the Sustainable Innovation in Sport Conference in Munich.

Huisman sees it differently. The three words – sustainability, innovation and sport – are bound together by three powerful concepts which make them worth exploring.

Sport is about passion. This year is only two months old and there are already many incredibly stories of passion in sport. Roger Federer’s unlikely win at the Australian Open. A truly exciting fourth quarter of the Super Bowl where only the New England Patriots thought they’d win before it actually happened.

Innovation is about passion. Dow chemicals are found in a huge proportion of products you find. The company, one of the main sponsors of the Sustainable Innovation in Sport Conference, is passionate about innovating to make products more affordable for the poor.

Sustainability is about passion. What started as a small grassroots movement is now represented in every board room.

Performance also provides a link between the three. Sport, innovation and sustainability are all about performance; athletes, innovators and sustainability experts need to perform at the highest level to achieve their goals.

Partnerships are as important as passion and performance. Dow has partnered with the Olympic movement since 2010. Thanks to this partnership, the Sochi Winter Olympics included by far the most comprehensive carbon mitigation programme in the history of the games. The Rio Olympics went on to top that. Sport has a unique ability to bring variety of stakeholders together. We all have obligation to get involved and widen playing field.

Huisman finished by returning to his friend. “I don’t know what my buzz word sceptic friend would say if he knew I’d focus on passion, performance and partnership.


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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 11:53

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