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Peace and Sport Award winners

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Peace and Sport Award winners

The winners were announced at a ceremony in Monaco attended by individuals from the world of sport, development and peace.

CSR Initiative of the Year: Moby Group

The Moby Group are one of the largest media outlets in Afghanistan. Through televising the national football league, they have sought to end violence and bring peace to a region synonymous with conflict.


NGO of the Year: Right to Movement

Since 2013, Right to Movement have been supporting running communities across the world to raise awareness of human rights. First adopted in Palestine, there are now communities in Denmark, United Kingdom and the United States.


Champion of the Year: Flavio Canto

Flavio Canto is a Brazilian Olympian who won bronze at the 2004 Games in Judo. He is founder of the Instituto Reação, a social development project in Rio de Janeiro. This project uses judo as its core sport to promote personal and social development in some of Rio’s poorest communities.


Federation of the Year: World Taekwando Federation

The World Taekwando Cares programme was established in 2016 to encourage member states to prioritise the development of grassroots Taekwando programmes. Working closely with the Taekwando Humanitarian Foundation, academies have been established in Jordan and Nepal.


Adapted Programme of the Year: Korea Refugee Project

The Korean Refugee Project use a Korean approach to humanitarianism to aid refugees in Jordan and beyond. Their vision is to help refugees stand on their own feet and build their own future.


Event of the Year: Homeless World Cup

Now in its 14th year, the Homeless World Cup continues to expand and with the message travels throughout the world. Taking part in Glasgow, Scotland, this year's event witnessed 44 men's and 14 women's teams from across the world.


Diplomatic Action of the Year: International School Sport Federation

Recognised by the IOC, the International School Sports Federation (ISF) promote the values and interests of education through sport. They recognise that sport can break down cultural, religious and ideological barriers, no matter how big.


Foundation of the Year: Right to Dream

Right to Dream (RTD) recognise the importance of role models in fostering a more posite outlook among the most disadvantaged communities. Using football due to its popularity in Africa, RTD have built academies to encourage young players to become future role models.


Special Jury Prize: The International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS)

The AISTS won the award for its 'From Refugee Camp to Rio' project which was initiated in January this year by Erin Hayba and Alex Buisse. AISTS joined the project in May to provide links to international sports networks and provide individual and financial support.  The project provided in-depth coverage of the daily lives of refugee athletes through images, personal testimonies and background stories.


6 April Initiative of the Year: International Table Tennis Federation

The ITTF combine World Table Tennis Day with the International Day for Sport, Development and Peace on 6 April. They use table tennis as a platform for disseminating the message of peace.


Documentary Prize: Speed Sisters

Speed Sisters, a film by Canadian Amber Fares, tells the story of the first all-woman race car team in the Middle East. The film documents their efforts to succeed in a male dominated sport in occupied Palestine.



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