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Peace and Sport: Successful Step Achieved at SportAccord

Peace and Sport: Successful Step Achieved at SportAccord

International Federations give their support to the international organisation for Peace and Sport

After a week of intensive work and fruitful meetings, Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of the international organisation Peace and Sport, said that he was particularly proud and satisfied with the progress accomplished during the annual SportAccord convention 2008.

Peace and Sport received acclaims from the sport movement and the 100 International Federations assembled in Athens for this unique conference, a key event for all sports organisations throughout the world.

Joel Bouzou declared :

"Our aim at SportAccord was to convince actors from the sporting world that sport can and must go far beyond competition. It's a powerful vector for peace, social stability and for bringing communities together. We have had meetings with over 60 IFs during SportAccord. All, without exception, showed their deep interest for our initiative and their desire to contribute to the promotion of Peace through sport worldwide alongside our organisation”.

“Our approach, which aims at matching the needs of governments to the solutions brought by the sports movement, finds a real and sincere echo with members of the sports community who do not always know how to best mobilise their resources and their expertise to help vulnerable communities."

“Peace and Sport offers them a platform for action where their skills are optimised and integrated into global projects, supported at the highest political level. Our objective was to broadcast this message to IFs. Today, I can say this objective has been more than achieved. We are supported and encouraged by the world of sport like never before. Our activity at a grassroots level will be strengthened as a result.”

Invited to speak before the General Assembly of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), Joël Bouzou made a huge impact:

“Sport has the power to contribute to Peace everywhere in the world, without being stopped by barriers that sometimes halt political powers, religious leader or humanitarian interventions.”

“You, Heads of International Federations, are guardians of this power alongside other actors from the international sport and Olympic movement (…). Peace and Sport provides a unique platform for discussion and cooperation at the highest political level, at the service of Peace (…). This global initiative, recognized by official political authorities, is made possible because you bring us your technical expertise, logistical support, excellence in training coaches and your knowledge about rehabilitating infrastructures that have been destroyed.”

“Our partnership helps you to strengthen ties with governments, identify yourself as playing a major role in society, promote your sport in countries where it is not well known, and helps to modernize the structures and abilities of your National Federations. In this way, by valuing your image and contributing to your expansion, you will really change the lives of thousands of children and vulnerable young people.”

Joël Bouzou also announced that Peace and Sport will collaborate with HRH Prince Feysal of Jordan’s initiative "Generations for Peace" for training programmes.

From 3 -5 December 2008, Peace and Sport will host the second edition of its Annual International Forum in Monaco. This unique event assembles major decision-makers from politics, business and sport to define priority programmes and grassroots activities. It will enable the agreements set up at SportAccord to deliver tangible results, to the benefit of joint development and education through sport projects on all five continents.


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Christopher Middleton


Friday, June 27, 2008 - 23:00

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