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PeaceBallProject provides access to sport for refugee children

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PeaceBallProject provides access to sport for refugee children

To help reach even more refugee children with life-saving and life-changing aid, PeaceBallProject has teamed up with to harness the power of sport. Join us and support our relief efforts by giving the gift of a “peace game ball” for this campaign.

Peace Ball Project, which was developed based on the voluntariness of Sebahattin Devecioğlu, an academician from Firat University, Sports Sciences Faculty, and Elazig, Turkey, are giving away “game balls” as presents to children.

The main purpose of the Peace Ball Project is:

  • To express that sport has no discrimination of religion, language or race
  • To emphasise that sport is a shared value of mankind
  • To ensure by sport

Moreover, within the activities accomplished in the project, an additional campaign will be started to provide sports equipment to male and female children who are interested in sports in the region by creating awareness about “Children’s right to play” and drawing the whole world’s attention and interest to kids residing in poor districts.

"We are inviting the whole mankind to this meaningful project with the wishes of ending the wars in the world and sustaining the peace". - Associate Professor Sebahattin Devecioğlu, Peace Ball Project Coordinator

  • ‪If you would like to give away a ball as a present to a child or if you have children who need a ball around you, you can contact project organisers here.

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