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Play India Play joins the sportanddev community


Play India Play joins the sportanddev community

Find out about a new Indian organisation that strives for the inclusion of a "right to play" in the Indian Constitution, which improves health and could bring about social and economic development.

The organisation: Play India Play

Play India Play is an Indian organisation, the main aim of the which is to strive for the inclusion of a 'right to play' as one of the fundamental rights in the Constitution of India.
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The project: Play India Play
The project which takes the organisation's name seeks to lobby for the inclusion of a "right to play" in the Indian Constitution. Advocating for legal and policy reform and increasing awareness about the importance of play activities as tools for a better quality of life, Play India Play, believes that this constitutional estabishment of this right will bring not only social and human rights' development but also economic development.
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Sports Mentor is another organisation that recently joined the sportanddev community and also advocates for the establishment of a "Right to Play" in India.
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Friday, May 4, 2012 - 23:00

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